Thursday, October 13, 2011

Interpersonal Practice Online

If you have been following this Interpersonal Practice blog, you might enjoy applying what you have learned and deepening your skill on line. Learn Insight Dialogue through Gregory Kramer's community and website or work with Mary's related practice: Interpersonal Insight Meditation or Relational Vipassana

Interpersonal Insight Meditation / Relational Vipassana 

Relational Vipassana or Interpersonal Insight Meditation is different from Insight Dialogue in its emphasis. Our relational courses emphasize stabilization of your personal practice as a primary component for wise and compassionate interactive skills.

We prefer some prior meditation experience. Experience from any tradition is a necessary foundation for learning and integrating interpersonal insight practices.

We offer periodic direct instruction in Interpersonal Insight Meditation, but also teach relational practice through integration in all our courses. See current courses HERE (link updated 2014 02 15)

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