Monday, March 23, 2009

Trust Emergence

With this instruction we are invited into the numinous but observable impermanence of all experience.

Trusting Emergence is rooted in the wisdom aspect of [practice]. That is, it supports our seeing things as they are--unstable and far more complex and fluid than the mundane glance can know. The dynamic quality of experience demands robust practice and provides the object of that practice: change itself. The instruction to Trust Emergence invites us to dive headlong into the tumbling moment by providing guidance for how we relate to each other and to the totality of experience. To 'trust' is to make the leap of faith required to enter the seething sea of change. 'Emergence' refers to the process by which the complex things we experience arise spontaneously from underlying contributing factors.
GK p. 139

suggested reading: Chapter 13 Trust Emergence

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